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The Hertford Match Result

30 Sep 2013

Hi all 
We won by 100 Shots to 83

I think you will agree,the buffet was excellent,a really good joint effort by club members.
There was plenty of food and something for everyone's taste.
The individual rink results are below.

Rink 3 won 19 - 12
Hertford Castle
Allen Brandford, Geoff Butt, Jenny Blowers & Jan Gregory.
B.Millington C.Maile, E.Smith & A.Hudson.
Rink 5 Won 30 - 14
Michael Rhodes,Pauline Scholey, Helen Cornish & Jill Reeves.
N. Cook, Mike Toynton, Ken Hartfield D. Brown.
Rink 4 Lost 18-21
Wendy Butt, Dave Cornish Terry Mizon & Ann Deane.
Ralph Peddler, K. Cartwright, S. Hall & R Dupuis.
Rink 1 Won 19-10
Alan Beeson, Eric Saint, Yvonne Popple  & Jacqui Adams
P.Worsley, C. Hammond, B. Giddings & J. Addy.
Rink 2 Lost 14-26
Richard Adams, Tony Deane, Roy Blowers & Maria Mizon. 
Jim Smith, June Westwood, M. Stockwell, & Marion Toynton
Castles against Castles
Rink 6
Peter Warren, Lin Atherton & Ryan Warren. 19 shots
Mary Edgar, Gill Cazaly & Geoff Gifkins. 14 shots.

Well done all, it was nice to beat the old enemy!