Hertford Castle Bowls Club

Hertford Castle Bowls Club - Joining the Club

Joining the Club

Hertford Castle the 'Friendly Bowls Club' invites you to join us whether you are an experienced bowler or a complete beginner.  It is a great game, played in a social environment with encouragement from our players.

Annual membership is currently £135.  This includes a light meal after each game when you play in weekend friendly matches.  In the first year you will only pay £50, after which you can decide whether you would like to become a permanent member.

Bowls is a game for all ages. Players under the age of eighteen are also very welcome and should be accompanied by an adult.  The junior annual membership fee is currently £20.

Minimal financial layout is required at the beginning.  You can benefit from free lessons given by our qualified coach Pauline Scholey.  The club has a limited stock of bowls and a few pairs of bowling shoes (which may fit) to get you started.

If you enjoy playing, we will be happy to give you support and advise on the purchase of equipment.