Hertford Castle Bowls Club

Match Report

Match Report - 29 Apr 2023, Hertford Castle Bowls Club Weekend Friendly drew with Ware, Triples 6 Mixed

Another lovely day at Ware, the overall result a draw, so good outcome everyone. Deidre played her first game and did very well. The new uniform does look good, we need a team photo on our super green.

Ware, Triples 6 Mixed 74 - 74 Hertford Castle Bowls Club Weekend Friendly

Name Details
1 Deirdre Cruden-Davey
2 Pat Beeson
3 Alan Beeson
4 Margaret Beeston
5 Pauline Scholey
6 Allen Brandford
7 Geoff Butt
8 John Arber
9 Terry Mizon
10 Maria Mizon
11 Wendy Butt
12 Clive Phillips
13 Viv Arber
14 Michael Clay
15 David Cheshire
16 Tony Deane