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New Rules for Reporting County Matches

06 Apr 2013

Men's County Competitions –

Result Reporting Changes

The Men’s Competitions in 2013 see their first major changes in over 30 years in how Results are reported to Divisional Secretaries.  The new requirements are:

1. This year there will be No Result Card to complete and return.

2. Results must be Telephoned, Text or Emailed before 22.00 hours the day the match takes place to the named person at the header of each Competition.

3. When reporting results you must state the Competition played, your name, your opponents name, score, your team’s player’s names and if a substitute is used.

4. Each Team must complete a Match Scorecard which shall be completed with all Players names and signed at the end of the match by the opponents Skip. This scorecard must be retained by the winning team and taken to all subsequent round ties. Not a requirement in Singles Matches.

5. It is up to each team to ensure that the team they are playing against consists of the named players of previous round(s) in accordance with Competition Rule 6.

6. Remember, even after losing, you should not destroy the scorecard if any member of your team wishes to claim their Points for future County play.

7. Please ensure that your contact details in the Competitors Directory are correct, as these, along with any other contact details held, will be used by each Competition Controller to make contact.