Hertford Castle Bowls Club

Match Report

Match Report - 14 May 2023, Hertford Castle Bowls Club Weekend Friendly lost to Holtwhites, Triples 4 Mixed

What a difference a day makes. In contrast to yesterday's match the sun was shining, and it was a gloriously warm afternoon for bowling. Another close result, we won on two rinks and lost on two, the overall score was a win for Holtwhites 64-61. A mention here for the Holtwhite's member who helped us a lot by standing in for one of our injured players part of the time.

Holtwhites, Triples 4 Mixed 64 - 61 Hertford Castle Bowls Club Weekend Friendly

Name Details
1 Gill Cazaly
2 Pauline Scholey
3 Alan Beeson
4 Margaret Beeston
5 Pat Beeson
6 Terry Mizon
7 Vera Jones
8 Maria Mizon
9 Clive Phillips
10 Tony Deane
11 Audrey Crowther
12 John Arber