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Hertford Castle Club History

1910 The Garden Bowling Club is formed

         On the 4th July 1910 a meeting was held at Mr Rose’s garden in Hertingfordbury Road, to consider the question as to the desirability or otherwise of forming a Bowling Club with Cowbridge Congregational Church It was agreed to go ahead, with Rev. A.L. Whitmee as President, W. Drury as Treasurer and G. Rushworth as Secretary  Membership was confined to members of the Congregation assembling at the Congregational Church.
It was agreed to purchase 4 pairs of bowls and an entrance fee (to be a member of the club) of 2s.6d be charged.  Each game would be 15 points and the green fee was one halfpenny for each member playing.
It was agreed that the Club would be called “The Garden Bowling Club” and the green was in Mr. Rose’s  garden which was behind the brick wall where the the present roundabout is on the Hertingfordbury Road.  The Club had 20 members
(extract from " A History of Hertford Castle Bowling Club 1910 to 1990" by Ted Ford)
The Club moves to play in the Hertford Castle grounds. The green was at the rear  of the Hertford Town Council offices (The green is still visible where the flower beds and car park is now)
Name changes to "Hertford Garden Bowls Club".
On the 30th November the name was changed to "Castle Garden Bowls Club Hertford".
The Bowls Section of Hertford (Evening) Townswoman's Guild is formed.
Both the men's and ladies clubs move to the new Wallfields green.
The Ladies reform as "Hertford Ladies".
The men change their name to "Hertford Castle Garden Bowling Club".
The Ladies and men Clubs merge into a single club the"Hertford Castle Bowling Club".
The Club changes it's name to the "Hertford Castle Bowls Club".

 The club plays again in the Castle grounds as part of the celebrations to mark the castle grounds being open to the public for 100 years.

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